Questions and Answers

You got questions about Georgia Blind Sports Association? We’re still growing, so keep checking back here for more information. If you got questions fill out the contact form and we'll get back to quicker than you can say “don’t move the furniture in a blind man’s house!”


Founded in 2011, Georgia Blind Sports Association is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that serves as an advocate for youth and adult visually impaired persons in Georgia through sports and recreation.


Goalball is a team sport designed specifically for blind athletes. Participants compete in teams of six, with three of those six players on the court at one time. For offense, players try to score by rolling the ball into their opponents' goal. For defense, players dive in front of the ball to keep it from scoring. The, back and forth, defense to offense, is fast paced. Players must track the sounds made from bells in the ball to judge position. Games consist of two 12-minute halves. Blindfolds, removing all sight, ensures an equal playing field for all competitors.

Everybody is able to go for a ride with GBSA’s tandem-cycling club. A tandem cycle has two seats, one in the front for a pilot who does the navigating, and another behind the pilot for whoever wants to help peddle along. Together the two work in tandem. It is great for a visually impaired person since the rider in the back does not have to see to avoid obstacles.

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